• Rome, Autobus driver loses patience and shouts: "I stop and let everyone down". Video on the web
  • Rome, another assault on the bus: stones and threats against the female driver
  • Rome, driver of an Atac bus pulled and slapped by a traveler


12 June 2016You approached the driver of a bus and after asking him for information he suddenly hit him with a shard of glass on his face: it happened yesterday evening, in the "parking" of the buses in Piazzale Tecchio, in Fuorigrotta district of Naples. The driver ended up in the hospital with noticeable wounds to his face (forehead and eyelid) that the doctors sewed up with 30 stitches. The aggressor was identified and stopped by the patrols of the Police Flying, rushed in place. According to what has been learned it could be a deranged man caught in a raptus due to the long wait of the vehicle.

"Enough violence at work, we will proclaim a new 24-hour strike - the Usb announces - to ask for greater prevention for health and adequate safety on the vehicles, in the stations and at the terminus". "We are tired of suffering problems - emphasizes Adolfo Vallini (Usb) - and the inability of those who are responsible for the circulation of vehicles, personnel and security".