Japan Tourism Agency To strengthen the transmission of disaster prevention information for foreign tourists September 22 6:51

In order to strengthen the information dissemination at the time of disaster for the increasing number of foreign tourists, the Japan Tourism Agency will enhance the functions such as increasing the language supported by the smartphone disaster prevention application to 14 languages ​​this year .

It is a disaster prevention app called “Safety tips” operated by the Japan Tourism Agency that strengthens its functions.

In the app, when an earthquake early warning or special warning is announced, you will be automatically notified to your smartphone, you can also check how to evacuate in the event of a disaster and contact information for the hospital.

Up to now, the supported languages ​​have been four languages ​​such as English and Chinese, but from the middle of this month, seven languages ​​such as Spanish, Vietnamese and Thai have been added.

Furthermore, during this fiscal year, Khmer, Burmese and Mongolian will be added to increase the total to 14 languages. Information released by local governments such as evacuation orders and evacuation advisories will be distributed in multiple languages.

Akira Takano, Director of the Japan Tourism Agency's Safety Office for Foreign Customers, said, “I want to deliver disaster prevention information by using various media such as apps and SNS so that foreign tourists can enjoy traveling safely.”