Iran “Drone Stolen from the Enemy” is released.

While tensions between the United States and Iran over attacks on oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia increased, Iran's elite troops released drones that they had taken from countries such as the United States and hostile to Iran, showing off Iran's defense capabilities It seems that there is an aim to control the United States.

According to state-owned media, Iran's elite unit, Revolutionary Defense Corps, held in Tehran, the capital city, an exhibition that gathered drones that were taken from a country hostile to Iran.

Although it is not clear how the released drone was obtained, local media reports that some American drones were recovered by the Revolutionary Defense Corps.

In order to hold the exhibition, Revolutionary Defense Corps commander Salami said, “Iran will shoot down anything that crosses the border. For any attack, we will stop fighting until they are destroyed. No, "he said in his speech.

The US Trump administration pointed out the involvement of Iran over attacks on oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia, and continued to put pressure on the Iranian side, and the Iranian side has the aim of conquering the United States etc. by showing off its own defense capabilities It seems that.

Saudi Arabia “Iran's responsibility is clear”

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Affairs Minister Jubail said on September 21 that oil-related facilities were attacked, “Iran's responsibility for this attack is clear. Depending on the results of the investigation, appropriate measures will be taken.” He insisted on Iran's involvement and showed his willingness to leave.

However, the foreign minister in charge of Jubail did not mention any new facts supporting Iran's involvement other than that the oil-related facilities were attacked from the north direction where Iran was located.