The sixth edition of the Arab Media Leaders Forum will kick off today at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, in cooperation with the Arab Media Forum, the Media and Communication Sector of the League of Arab States, with the participation of about 100 prominent journalists and media officials. .

The Secretary-General of the Arab Media Forum, Madi Thursday, said that the Forum, which is held for the sixth year in a row, gives special attention to issues and events that occur on the scene every now and then, stressing that the forum deals with various specialized issues, to be discussed before the largest crowd of media leaders In the Arab world, to come up with recommendations to be worked on by Arab media institutions, which works to raise the awareness of the masses in Arab societies about the dimensions of issues on the scene and their causes and effects, at all levels.

He added that the Media Leaders Forum will continuously develop, through its sessions, dialogue channels between the target audience and decision-makers to enhance participation in appropriate decision-making and find solutions to the media problems raised on the scene. Media Decision in the Arab World.

He explained that the forum, which will be held over one day, includes two main sessions, where the first session starts at ten in the morning under the title «the reality of the Arab media .. and the future hoped for», and discuss a number of topics, the most important role of media in the changes in the region, and the future of traditional media in Social media developments, the influence of the media in decision-making and the direction of public opinion, in addition to media laws and legislations, and media responsibility in the current period.

He added that the second session is entitled "Media is a platform for leading public opinion" and discusses a number of topics, the most important of which are the development paths in media institutions and the capabilities of media professionals, the role of educational institutions in the development of the media industry, educational responsibility in the development of the media industry, social responsibility of media institutions, and Arab media. And challenges of the stage, as well as discussing changes in media tools under the technology revolution.

It is worth mentioning that the Arab Media Leaders Forum is part of the initiatives of the Arab Media Forum in Kuwait, which is holding its media initiatives for 17 years, in cooperation with the media and communication sector of the Arab League.