Abu Dhabi Police has informed Emirates Today that it has deployed a number of modern radars on the roads of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi recently, in order to test them, test their efficiency, and the flexibility to use them in monitoring violations, and then choose the appropriate ones, to enhance traffic control procedures and achieve road safety standards. .

Drivers in Abu Dhabi spotted a new radar, a cabin with a monitoring camera, deployed on some internal and external roads in Abu Dhabi, wondering how the radar works and the nature of the violations it is monitoring.

For its part, the Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that these radars are currently subject to testing only, pointing out that the radar referred to, is one of a group of modern radars developed by specialized technology companies, and subject to testing and study on the roads, and to know the efficiency and suitability before relying permanently on Roads, in coordination with the strategic partners of the police.

She pointed out that this radar is characterized by its ability to detect several irregularities at the same time, the most important violations of the red signal overflow, and speed when exceeded during the opening of the green or red signal.

There are major types of permanent radars used in traffic control operations on the roads of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, namely mobile radars, notably radar «sniper», which is used by the policeman on foot or inside the traffic patrol, and radar «deterrent», a mobile radar in the form of a cabin It is equipped with tires that facilitate the transfer from one place to another, and is adorned with the colors and logo of the Abu Dhabi Police.It is installed on the most dangerous roads in Abu Dhabi, to control the excesses and violations of drivers, especially speeding violations, and is kept for a period in the target place, and then transferred to another place in succession.

There are fixed radars deployed on a number of roads in the emirate, and includes different types, including multi-camera radar, which records more than one traffic violation at a time, the most important of which is the speed control of vehicles, and do not leave a safety distance between vehicles, and has the ability to distinguish between small vehicles and trucks, Buses, which enable the control of trucks traveling on roads in times of prohibition.

Solar-powered radars, especially in areas where electricity is difficult to connect, are environmentally friendly.

The Abu Dhabi Police confirmed their keenness to develop traffic control techniques, according to the needs and requirements of activating traffic safety on the roads, and to reduce accidents and the resulting deaths and injuries

Abu Dhabi Police used artificial intelligence systems in traffic control, through the system of smart gates and towers, where the vehicles are automatically violating the license while driving on the roads.

The implementation of these regulations has contributed to the reduction of violations related to expired property licenses, noting that the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters has helped motorists to pay the accumulated sums of money, through the installment of the amounts for payment in an easy and easy way, in agreement with a number of banks in the country.

Radars for pedestrians

Abu Dhabi Police revealed that they are deploying devices that violate not giving priority to pedestrians, called "transit", and nine devices will be deployed in the first phase, on pedestrian crossings on the roads of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, especially in the vicinity of schools and mosques, pointing out that the device works artificial intelligence, The violation of non-prioritization of vehicles is made for pedestrian crossing.

Permanent radars used in traffic control, including «sniper» and «deterrent».