Al Watan Fund launched the second session of the "Artificial Intelligence Program" to train 374 students in the use of artificial intelligence technology and make optimal use in several areas to improve the quality of life of the community members in five locations in the country.

The second round of the two-month AI program includes 10 classrooms, workshops and training courses in AI, and robotics systems, during which participants will gain experience in using these applications to serve the community.

“Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of the UAE Government's strategy and orientation in the future industry, in order to achieve the 100 per cent vision that will be the first country in the world in various fields. To meet the needs of the labor market, create a generation of talent who has the ability to employ these advanced technologies in the service of society, and the progress of the homeland. '

He added: "We have many talents that need to develop capabilities and hone skills, to be ready to contribute to take the lead, and explore the best applications, drawing on these technologies, to enhance the quality of life of members of the community, and raise the status of the state to the top of all indicators."

The AI ​​program is an advanced stage in the UAE Programmer's Initiative, with outstanding participants who have excelled in the first phase of the initiative and have been able to earn high scores in high-level tests to see how well the programming language is mastered.

The program, which is designed according to the best global standards for the development of the capabilities of the use of artificial intelligence, aims to provide more effective solutions to future challenges in all vital sectors of strategic importance to the UAE.