The diplomatic missions of the State, announced the readiness of the electoral headquarters scheduled to receive citizens residing outside the state tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, to vote in the elections of the Federal National Council.

The UAE embassies and consulates abroad, through their accounts on social networking sites, published pictures from within their headquarters about the preparations for the reception of voters, confirming the provision of all facilities, to ensure the smooth running of the electoral process, indicating the locations and addresses of its headquarters to facilitate access to citizens.

She pointed out to four main and compulsory guidelines, namely the need for voters to make sure their names are on the electoral rolls before coming to the diplomatic mission, secondly to bring a valid Emirates ID card, to be able to participate in the vote, and thirdly, personal attendance as proxy voting is prohibited. Executive elections for the National Assembly 2019.

The UAE embassy in New Delhi through its Twitter account that all UAE nationals must bring the Emirates ID card to participate in the vote for the FNC elections, and every voter must vote and prohibit proxy voting.

The UAE embassy in the New Zealand capital Wellington said it had completed its readiness to receive citizens, stressing the need to abide by the executive instructions of the National Election Commission.

The UAE Embassy in Cairo said that it welcomes all citizens' inquiries regarding the elections of the Federal National Council, pointing out that all citizens named in the Electoral College can attend on Sunday and Monday from 10 am to 8 pm to participate in the electoral process and cast their votes.

The UAE Embassy in Amman called on citizens living in Jordan to do their national duty and participate in the electoral process by casting their votes and selecting their representatives to the Council during the 22nd and 23rd of September at the embassy headquarters in a way that enhances affiliation and meets the aspirations of the leadership.

The UAE Embassy in Pakistan called on citizens to bring their Emirates ID card to participate in the vote for the FNC elections, and to verify in advance the voter's name on the electoral list according to the emirate, by means of the ID card number to make sure his name appears on the lists.

For its part, the National Elections Commission said that the process of voting inside the headquarters of embassies and consulates of the State, will be conducted by hand system, not electronic, while the total votes will be sorted by electronic system on the election day of the President (5 October) at the headquarters of the elections in Abu Dhabi.

The New Zealand capital, Wellington, will witness the start of the voting process in the elections of the Federal National Council for citizens members of electoral bodies residing and who are abroad, scheduled to be held on 22 and 23 September, with the city of Los Angeles, the United States of the last electoral areas, according to time differences.