• Twitter introduces "brand" to brand tweets of politicians and public figures who violate rules
  • Midterm: Twitter cancels over 10 thousand accounts, discouraging voting
  • Twitter: ban on "dehumanizing" content


September 20, 2019Twitter has announced that it has closed thousands of accounts around the world, accused of spreading fake news. The news was made known by US social media through its security blog . This is the follow-up to the initiatives undertaken by Twitter in October 2018 to identify and block the manipulation of the platform and ensure its transparency. Last November, Twitter canceled more than 10.00 accounts that discouraged turnout in mid-term elections in the US.

The provision concerns various government propaganda profiles of various countries. Among the closed accounts, some in China accused of sowing discord within the Hong Kong protest movement, others aimed at amplifying pro-Saudi messages in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates destined for Qatar and Yemen. Fake news profiles have also been suspended in Spain and Ecuador