At half past eight on Wednesday evening, police were alerted to the Sparbankshallen in Bromölla following a suspected gunshot. Empty sleeves were found in a parking lot just outside and according to police techniques, they show that the weapon was fired from a vehicle. The sleeves were neatly lined up.

Two men are in custody after the incident. One is a 17-year-old man suspected of serious weapons crime and attempted murder. The second is a person suspected of assisting in attempted murder.

- Last Sunday we will decide whether to be arrested or not. We are now working all evening and weekend with the case, says prosecutor Johan Eriksson.

"It's uncomfortable when it gets close"

One of those found near the shooting site on Wednesday was Daniel Ralphén, who runs a leisure facility in the Sparbankshallen. He did not hear the shots, but saw cars passing by at high speed.

- It's uncomfortable when it gets so close. We are in an area with a lot of activity and many people moving out. Many people are worried and have a lot of questions, it's good that the police are here the next few days, says Daniel Ralphén.

Increased police staffing

During the weekend, the police will increase their staffing in Bromölla due to the firing.

- We are increasing the attendance so that people who live here can feel an increased security. The police will be visible at the scene and we want the people to contact us, both if they have tips and if they feel a concern, says Louise Englund, press spokesman at the police.