“First, we qualify this as a threat. Secondly, we qualify such statements as completely irresponsible. Thirdly, we see how easy it is for the political elite, in particular in the United States, to deal with such serious and very complex issues as world security and stability, I repeat once again, that makes it absolutely irresponsible on the basis of political, conjunctural considerations of our own process, including as we understand it, electoral, ”she said.

As noted by Zakharova, all this is an indicator of stupidity.

“Here the question is not only irresponsibility, but also stupidity. Smart, far-sighted people who truly express the interests of people who either appoint them to their posts or elect them, will never make such statements, realizing that they cause rehearsal damage to the country that these people represent, ”the diplomat added.

Earlier, Harrigyan said that Washington has a plan to overcome the air defense system in Kaliningrad in the event of Russian “aggression”.

As the governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov noted, he does not advise the United States to take risks and attack the region.

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