“Both the morale and the technical condition, the material condition of the troops in Kaliningrad are such that I do not advise anyone to take risks, get in touch with our military,” the governor said in a conversation with TASS.

He also advised the US military to familiarize themselves with the history of Russia.

“I would just like to wish all American generals to read some historical books about all the“ planners ”who made plans for the Russian state, and what did this end for the creators of such plans,” said Alikhanov.

Earlier, the US Air Force commander in Europe and Africa, Jeffrey Lee Harrigyan, said that the United States has a plan to overcome the air defense system in Kaliningrad in the event of Russian "aggression."

According to him, if the "aggression" of Russia from the strategically located "Kaliningrad enclave" requires a US response, "it will be a very timely and effective skill," which they use to provide the access they need in this zone.

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Alexander Sherin appreciated this statement in an interview with RT. According to him, "today is the era when any general can turn into a blogger."