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The departure of the "mysterious" of four Egyptian scientists abroad .. Doubts strengthen the scenario of the assassination?


Egyptian nuclear scientist Abu Bakr Abdel Moneim Ramadan, who died a few days ago in Morocco, was not the only scientist who suddenly left the country while on an official mission. He was preceded by three other Egyptian scientists who lost their lives with the crash of an Ethiopian plane they were traveling six months ago.

These facts have recalled the mysterious deaths of Egyptian scientists abroad during the last century, including Gamal Hamdan, Samir Naguib and Mustafa Musharrafa. At the time, she pointed unofficially to Israel, pointing out that it has a history of harming Egyptian expertise, although there is no evidence to prove it.

These suspicions prompted some to report to the Egyptian Attorney General, following the death of the three scientists aboard the Ethiopian plane, as well as a controversy on the communication platforms that exploited the character of the Egyptian nuclear scientist and his duties to launch accusations of Israel's involvement.

The four deaths in six months in Ethiopia and Morocco took place as follows; on September 7, a statement by the Egyptian Ministry of Immigration said that the Egyptian scientist at the official nuclear watchdog Abu Bakr Abdel Moneim Ramadan died in Morocco, following an emergency health accident, Cairo's ambassador to Rabat, Ashraf Ibrahim, quoted Moroccan authorities as saying the death was a "heart attack."

The last pictures of the world Abu Bakr Ramadan while participating in a workshop in Marrakech, Morocco (Links)

The mysterious death
Abu Bakr Ramadan died in his sixth decade while attending a workshop organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Marrakech, Morocco.

Moroccan media said that "the Egyptian scientist was previously in charge of studying the possible effects of nuclear reactors in Dimona, Israel, and Bushehr in Iran, which was not addressed in the Egyptian statement.

The phrase "mysterious death" was the dominant dominant in the local media in Egypt and Morocco, and Arab news reports have reached the point of asking: Was killed by the Mossad?

Twitter tweets carried accusations - without evidence - of Israel, saying only that their history is so with Arab scientists and Egypt in particular. This called the media close to the Egyptian regime Mohamed al-Baz to talk about "the existence of exaggeration and portray the death as mysterious circumstances and questions about poisoned death, and it is a game of intelligence."

Despite the diminution of Al-Baz, pro-regime journalist Sayed Ali was furious in his televised program. "There is a huge sensation on Social Media about the death of the great Egyptian nuclear scientist," he said. ? " Demanding personal protection for Egyptian scientists.

Egypt did not accuse anyone or confirm that there was a criminal suspicion of death.

Egypt announced in March that six Egyptians, including three agricultural scientists, died in the crash of the Ethiopian plane, which crashed after taking off from Addis Ababa airport en route to Nairobi, out of a total of 157 passengers who died.

Local press reports used suspicious phrases among them, "but it is strange that the victims of the plane included scientists specializing in precise fields, especially in the field of agriculture." The cabinet statement on the Ministry of Agriculture used the term "martyrdom", while confirming the death of scientists at the Ministry of Agriculture, namely: Ashraf Turki, Duaa Atef Abdel Salam, and Abdel Hamid Farrag Magali Nofal.

The statement pointed out that they were heading on a scientific mission on the genetic improvement of animal and plant production in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The Egyptian Agricultural Union said in a statement that it considers them "God's martyrs of science" and said that it "decided to organize a memorial service for the three members, after making all the necessary arrangements, and praise their role in scientific research and development of the agricultural sector."

An Egyptian lawyer, Amr Abdel Salam, then filed a complaint with the Egyptian Attorney General to form a team of prosecutors in coordination with the Foreign Ministry to follow up on the investigations conducted by the Ethiopian authorities.

Egyptian scientist Ali Mustafa Musharrafa died in 1950 (Al Jazeera)

Martyrs of Science
The communication, which was then reported by local media, called for "a determination of the causes of the accident, the reasons for the crash, and whether the accident was due to a technical failure, or is the accident masterminded?" He also called for "taking action in the light of the results of international investigations for the retribution of martyrs of science."

"The victims were on a special and official mission, and were dispatched by the State to genetically improve animal and plant production, in light of Egypt's relentless endeavors to enter the depth of Africa in conjunction with its presidency of the African Union," he said.

The statement said that "the crash of the plane several minutes after takeoff in this manner, and carrying the finest Egyptian scientists on their way to official missions to the capital Nairobi suspicion, and the existence of criminal suspicion in the deliberate downing of the plane in order to assassinate scientists."

The author argued that the Israeli Mossad had been involved in the assassination of a number of Egyptian scientists over the past decades. The accusation of Israel is repeated in Egyptian and Arab press reports, which Tel Aviv has not yet responded to. They include Egyptian scientist Samira Moussa, who died in 1952 in California after an accident, as well as Jamal Hamdan in 1993, Egyptian atom scientist Samir Naguib, scientist Mustafa Musharrafa who died in 1950, and scientist Yehia El-Mashad, who was assassinated by a sharp machine in 1980.

Source: aljazeera

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