Sixten Jensen lives in Keinovuopio a village with only five inhabitants near the Finnish border. Living about two miles from Treriksröset, Sixten Jensen has far to everything called service.

Tried to explain

He gets his usual mail from a mail bag at the border river once a week. Now he was looking forward to having his shower cubicle comfortably delivered home to the door.

- But then I got a phone call from the driver who said he was not allowed to drive into Finland so I had to pick up the package in Karesuando. I tried to explain that I live in Sweden and the shower cubicle should be delivered to Keinovuopio, but it was not possible, says Sixten Jensen.

Road via Finland

To get to the Sixten Jensen motorway, you have to drive via Karesuando and then nine miles on the Finnish side to reach his village.

- It is a misunderstanding that I live in Finland even though I live in Sweden. I think you can request that those who deliver goods know where in geography people have their addresses, he says.

Shop in Norway instead

Sixten Jensen tells how he has, without success, tried to get PostNord to send out the package with the shower cubicle to his address.

He received an email from PostNord stating: “I have been in contact with our terminal in Gällivare and the post office in Karesuando regarding your shipment. We have been informed that you cannot drive the shipment to you when you are on the Finnish side and the size of the goods. I regret that you received misleading information and the trouble this siuation has created for you ”.

- And so they write that I should pick up the shipment in Karesuando, but I do not intend to do so. Now I will buy a shower cubicle from Tromsö instead.

"Can certainly agree on a solution"

PostNord's regional manager Anders Segebo says that they know that Sixten Jensen does not live in Finland, but that there is no viable way to deliver the package to his door.

- If you have no navigable route, you can get your package. We do what we can to deliver as close and good as possible, but that requires navigable roads. But it is safe to agree on a good solution, he says.

Anders Segebo also says that PostNord's social assignment to distribute mail does not apply to large shipments.