Patrick Siegbahn has for several years written about the fund company Allra on the site Småspaversguide. The investigation has been conducted in parallel with SvenskaDagbladet's examination of the company, and he has had contact with both open and secret sources.

About a year ago, Patrick Siegbahn noticed that his cell phone was not working. It turned out that someone got the telecom operator to transfer the phone number to a completely different phone - which was then used to take control of his Google account.

- It felt very uncomfortable, says Patrick Siegbahn.

The intruder was clearly interested in everything that had to do with Allra.

- The first person did was to search for my correspondence with the prosecutor in the Allra case.

- In a second infringement, the person gained control of the Whatsapp app and began asking questions to my contacts about the Allra trial.

"A thunderbolt"

But another thing had happened at the time of the intrusion. The intruder had synced the contents to his home computer, which caused a large number of documents to be transferred from the other computer - to Patrick's. He had access to a variety of private documents that made it possible to identify a suspected offender.

- This can't possibly be done with diligence, it seems to be a thunderbolt.

There are several links between the person whose documents ended up in Patrick's computer, and Allra. Connections that, according to SVT experience, are now being investigated by police and prosecutors.

Following Patrick Siegbahn's police report a year ago, the police launched a preliminary investigation into suspected data breaches, a preliminary investigation that is still ongoing.

In October, the trial will start in the case where Allra's top executives are prosecuted for, among other things, bribery in connection with a deal in 2012. All defendants refuse a crime.