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20 September 2019It is the day of the prosecution in the trial of the 5 soldiers of the Carabinieri Corps accused of misdirection in the case that in October 10 years ago led to the death of Roman surveyor Stefano Cucchi.

"The first trial, which saw three prison officers, fortunately always acquitted for the beating of Cucchi, was a Kafkaesque process, with the current defendants sitting at the time on the witness stand, with catheters applied to Cucchi for comfort and lumbar fractures not seen on purpose by famous 'professors.' All this did not happen due to sloppiness, but for a scientific screening started the night between 15 and 16 October 2009 at the Appia station of the carabinieri, when the boy he was arrested ".

These are the words of the public prosecutor Giovanni Musarò at the beginning of his indictment in the trial bis in assault against five soldiers of the Arma accused of the beating of the 31 year old surveyor who would not have been collaborative in the phase of the photo report.

"We can not pretend that nothing happened that night and not understand that it was playing a match made up without the knowledge of all, the magistrate added.