- Here is a beautiful nature, raukar and fine beaches and the archipelago. And so is the industry, of course. I would say that it is world-unique, to have an industry and a seaside resort in the same place, it is very unusual. So I think it stimulates the imagination quite well, says Mait Juhlin, CEO of the development company "Slite development" which has helped during the production of the series.

Society is showing up

In the first season, viewers can follow the main character Thea, who has just moved to town. A mysterious stone suddenly crashes into her bedroom, and it leads to dreams of the future.

Slite is now exposed to a large and, above all young, audience is positive. One of them is Linnea Östervall who has seen the series. She thinks it means a lot to the community to show up.

- Well, I think so. I, who come from here, think it's fun that Slite is with her, she says.

Mait Juhlin is in the same line and is happy to emphasize that the Solklints school in Slite has set up a lot for the series.

- It means very much. It strengthens the school, and all of us who live here. That something happens and that it is an exciting environment, she says.