“From the residents of the village living near the tank farm, there are alarming signals about poor health. The Semikolodezian oil depot is located in the central part of the village at a distance of 100 meters from residential buildings, ”the report said.

In connection with the environmental situation in the village in the Crimean government created an interagency commission. Doctors were instructed to monitor the health status of local residents.

Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Korolev said that the meeting with the residents of Lenino showed the non-constructive work of the enterprise. He called the complaints of citizens absolutely justified.

“A number of serious complex problems have been identified, regulation at the federal level regarding the establishment of protection zones, technological regimes of such enterprises in densely populated areas is necessary,” he said.

According to him, the authorities will consider the possibility of transferring the tank farm from the densely populated territory.

Earlier, Sergei Aksyonov was re-elected to the post of head of the Crimea.