Five unions of the RATP, but not the CGT, are organizing for an indefinite strike from December 5th. Organizations want to mobilize against pension reform, after a first black day in transport on 13 September.

There are five RATP unions, including two representative organizations, united against pension reform. Without the CGT, the unions Unsa, CFE-CGC, SUD, FO and Solidaires announced to organize an indefinite strike from 5 December. In a joint statement, they say they want to put pressure on the state. "Given the gravity of the situation, the government must use the time" by December "to make the necessary arrangements to respect the social contract, with the maintenance of our statutory guarantees, which binds employees to the company and the State. "

Unions raised

The unions warn that they will not "give up or abandon these requirements", they who oppose in particular the disappearance of the special regime of the RATP agents, provided for in the next pension reform. They are demanding "guarantees" for all RATP staff, "status" agents and "contract workers" (hired under contract).

A harder conflict

On September 13, the first day of the strike, launched by the five RATP unions with the CGT and RS, severely disrupted the circulation of the RERs, buses, trams and metro lines, ten lines of which had been completely closed. This very strong mobilization confirms, according to the statement, "the attachment of all the employees of the operation, the maintenance, the tertiary sector, to their pension scheme and to the social contract with the State when they are hired".

Thierry Babec, secretary general of the Unsa-RATP, the first union of the régie, even thinks to AFP that they made "a strike of 24 hours with a nice result". It had been announced, it was a warning strike. But to get results, you really have to go into a hard conflict, to put the bag once and for all, "he added." We can see that the 24-hour leapfrog strikes do not work. " .