Dentsuren Chairman, Power outage recovery prospects revised significantly “Strengthen survey system” September 20, 18:54

Mr. Shigeki Iwane, Chairman of the “Electric Power Federation”, made by major power companies, said that after major outlooks, after TEPCO showed a prospect of recovery immediately after a power outage in Chiba Prefecture, As such, it was important to understand the situation in the field, and it was necessary to strengthen the investigation system.

In this, Mr. Iwane said about the power outage in Chiba Prefecture, “It was true that the prospects for recovery were very crazy and inconvenienced and inconvenienced our customers.”

In addition, “If it is expected to cause major damage, it is important to know the information on the site as soon as possible. This will determine the recovery strategy for how many people will be used from where. , It is necessary to use drones and strengthen the investigation team, "he said, indicating the need to strengthen the investigation system to understand the situation at the site.

It is also pointed out that the strength of facilities should be reviewed because power transmission and distribution facilities such as utility poles have been severely damaged due to prolonged power outages.

Mr. Iwane said, “It is important to strengthen the equipment, but it is quite expensive. It is necessary to consider a combination of hardware, such as equipment, and software that can be quickly restored,” and careful consideration is required. I showed the idea.