Point application to 650,000 applications for small and medium-sized stores The map app that shows participating stores is also 8:30 on September 21

With the cashless payment point redemption system accompanying the increase in the consumption tax rate, the number of applications for participation from small and medium-sized stores has increased to approximately 650,000. The government has announced an app that can be searched on the map of the smartphone to show the participating stores in an easy-to-understand manner.

The point redemption system is a system in which a maximum of 5% of the purchase amount is returned as points when paying with cashless payment such as credit cards at small and medium-sized stores.

Stores participating in the system must apply through a payment company such as a credit card company, but according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the number of applications as of the 18th of this month is approximately 650,000, which is the target of the system of 2 million nationwide. It is about one third of the store.

However, due to the time taken to review the application, it is expected that fewer than 500,000 stores will be able to participate from the beginning of October 1st.

In order to show the target stores in an easy-to-understand manner, the government announced an app that can search for stores on a smartphone map on the 19th.

In the app, you can understand the point return rate you can get at the store and the payment methods you can use.

Since there are many indications that the system is complicated and difficult to understand over the point reduction, the government is considering improving the app and making it easy to understand at stores.