Egypt's social media platforms caught up in political protest on Friday, coinciding with opposition calls from outside the country to demonstrate and protest against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Egyptian activists dyed the Twitter site in red; an expression of participation in the protest against Sisi, while activists talked about the start of the first initiatives of protest in the street, amid calls for the need not retreat.

On Thursday, Egyptian artist and businessman Mohamed Ali called for a popular uprising to force Sisi to step down, an hour before the local Super Cup match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek football poles.

However, the Egyptian Football Federation announced on Thursday - through a statement - to amend the date of the game with a security request, to be at 7 pm, the same date as possible protests.

The federation did not give a reason for the amendment at the time of the match, despite the growing comparison of communication platforms, which made it clear that the intention was the timing of the protests.

After that, the Egyptian contractor changed the date of the possible protests, to be after the game, and not before, according to a video posted on his page, which raised a lot of concern in the ranks of the Authority, which hastened to walk in several directions, to prevent these demonstrations.

The activists circulated - Thursday - pictures of military armor coming from the barracks of the Third Army en route to Cairo, via the Suez Desert Road.

On Friday, tags related to opposition to the Egyptian regime, such as (Go, People Want), topped the list of the most interactive tags on Twitter, while tags (Ahli Super King, Super O Zamalek) fell to the bottom.

Egyptian actor and businessman Mohamed Ali also addressed a letter to Defense Minister General Mohamed Zaki, calling on him to force President Sisi to step down, or arrest him in the event of rejection.

"You saw what El Sisi did in the army and police, and how he ran the country," Mohamed Ali told the defense minister. "Do you think he is fit for the presidency?"