The Breda lawyer Peter Schouten has told the court in Amsterdam that he wants to assist the witness Nabil B. This is a matter of principle after the murder of Derk Wiersum, who initially assisted B., Schouten informed on Friday after reporting by BN de Stem.

Schouten says that he first properly discussed the intention before he informed the court on Thursday that he was prepared to join the case.

The lawyer hopes that "hundreds" of his colleagues will do the same.

Lawyer Wiersum was shot on Wednesday morning near his home in Amsterdam by an as yet unknown perpetrator. Although all sorts of scenarios are officially taken into account, it is likely that Wiersum was shot dead because he assisted the crown witness.


Which liquidation cases is Ridouan Taghi linked to?

B.'s innocent brother was shot dead earlier

B. has made several statements about the fugitive Ridouan Taghi. The innocent brother of the crown witness was previously shot, probably out of revenge for B.'s role as a crown witness.

Taghi and his right-hand man Saïd R. are suspected of being involved in multiple liquidations. They are both prosecuted in absentia.

With the death of Wiersum, two liquidations were committed in the trial against the fugitive criminal.

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