A fire broke out in the premises on the Zevenheuvelenweg in Tilburg in the night from Thursday to Friday. The fire has expanded to three adjacent buildings, confirms a spokesperson for the Central and West Brabant safety region at NU.nl.

NUjers and bystanders report that several explosions have taken place.

The fire started in a bakery around 3 a.m. The fire brigade had to scale up quickly, according to the Central and West Brabant safety region on Twitter. According to the spokesperson, it is a "very, very large fire with meters high flames".

Due to the plastic items in the three buildings, there is a lot of smoke nuisance in the area. The fire department advises local residents to keep windows and doors closed. At 4.30 a NL-Alert was sent to residents in the region.

To fight the fire, fire extinguishers from several regions and one from the Air Force came to Tilburg.


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