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Events in Algeria: "Arrests will not stop" - RFI


Two students arrested Tuesday at a protest and a political activist arrested Wednesday in front of his house were remanded in custody

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Two students arrested Tuesday at a demonstration and a political activist arrested Wednesday in front of his home were placed in custody on Thursday. Roads at the entrances to Algiers have been blocked to prevent protesters from visiting the capital this Friday. RFI went to meet the families of those who have been arrested in recent months. They are worried about a security hardening.

The son of Arezki Challal has been detained since June 28 because he wore a Berber flag: " Let them be released because there is no crime. There is no crime called "wearing the Amazigh emblem". It does not exist , "he says.

" Fears "

If he continues demonstrating each week with his other children, Arezki Challal fears that the instructions of the army to close the accesses of the capital do lengthen the list of prisoners . " I am very optimistic, but I begin to have fears, he says , because the policeman has the right to tell you: you and your children, you are there to go demonstrating. "

Ouhiba Kichou's brother was arrested because he had signs in his car. " That means he can not even express himself. I do not speak specifically about him, I'm talking about everyone. That means we can not even write on a white sheet what we think. It's serious, "he says.

We come back " back "

Ouahiba, a former photographer, is convinced that other families will be affected. " The arrests are not going to stop there, she fears. It's a parade, we see it. I have the impression that we are going backwards. Then there, with the approach of the elections, it would surprise me that they release them. "

Ouahiba and her husband Omar explain that they have organized themselves. They will no longer demonstrate together so that if there is an arrest, there is someone left to take care of their two children.

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