• Report: More than 300 sex offenders have tried to work with children so far this year, but have been detected
  • Newspaper Archive.The Government creates the Registry of Sex Offenders so that they are not in contact with minors

Convictions for sexual crimes grew by 6.6% last year in the case of adults and 20.1% in minors, according to data released Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), which figures in 2,431 the first and 323 the second.

These are data from the Central Registry of Sex Offenders that for the second consecutive year has included the INE in its annual statistics on convicted persons.

In total, in 2018, 286,637 adults were convicted, 0.5% more than the previous year. They are convictions for final sentences imposed and, of these, 21.9% correspond to crimes related to road safety, ahead of thefts (17.3%) and injuries (16.6%).

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