Chabelita collapses in the presentation of her song due to the absence of her family

"And thanks also to those who have not come," he said, with tears in his eyes, in clear reference to his mother who gave her seedling

Isa Pantoja debuts as a singer ... And social networks make fun of her

The presentation of Chabelita's first song ended up becoming another chapter of the Pantoja family dramas . The great night of Isa P at the Kapital Theater in Madrid was cut short by the absence of his mother, who did not come to clothe her daughter at such a special moment.

Chabelita was convinced that Isabel Pantoja would go to her debut as a new trap star and waited until the last minute, but the bullshit did not appear. At the same time that her daughter sang on stage Now I am better , Isabel supported her niece Anabel, expelled from GH VIP 7.

Chabelita thanked the attendees for their support. "It makes me very excited to be here," he said, adding, with a broken voice and tears in his eyes: "And thanks also to those who have not come, " in clear reference to his mother and the rest of his family, They gave him a seedling. The daughter of the tonadillera left the stage for a few minutes and reappeared in applause and apologizing. Her dancers comforted her with a hug.

Chabelita, hugging one of her dancers after leaving the stage.

Meanwhile, and oblivious to the drama, Isabel Pantoja entered by telephone in GH VIP 7 to support her niece Anabel before her possible expulsion from the house. The nonsense had very affectionate words for her. " It's a Pantoja from head to toe, " he said, in addition to pointing out that he considers her as "an older daughter."

After the performance, Chabelita declared that she had felt "hurt" when she saw the box reserved for her family empty. "I've missed her a little, but hey ... I'll fix it with her," he said.

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