It was at 02 o'clock the night before Thursday that the police, after some time, searched for an address in Karlskoga.

Two men were arrested, suspected of an attempted murder, which happened at 23.30 on Friday, September 13 in Karlskoga.

- It is an effort that has been carried out after basic police work. Two men were arrested in a property on which detention has been carried out, says Fredrick Bäcker, security officer at the Bergslagen police region.

Suspected of protection of criminal

The two men were later arrested during the night following a decision by the prosecutor. Another person, a woman, was arrested in connection with the night's efforts.

- In connection with the arrest of the men, a woman was found in the property in question and she was initially arrested, suspected of protecting criminals and also arrested by prosecutors on the same grounds.

What is the age of the suspects?

- This is not something we are going to do since we are currently investigating the matter, says Bäcker.