• Terrorism: At least 24 dead during a Taliban attack at a rally of the Afghan president
  • Attack: The Islamic State vindicates the suicide bombing that has killed at least 63 people at a wedding in Kabul

Civilians have once again become the victims of the war between the Taliban and the Afghan government. The Afghan executive has acknowledged the death of at least 30 civilians in an air raid carried out by his own armed forces, with US support, on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, a Taliban bomb truck exploded next to a hospital in the south of the country, causing another massacre. It takes place ten days after a presidential election that must unleash the critical situation in Afghanistan.

According to sources compiled by the Reuters agency, Afghan security forces, with US air support, were trying to hit the Islamic State in a hiding place in the eastern province of Nangarhar. Instead, they ended up attacking with a drone a group of peasants dedicated to picking up the pinion . They killed thirty of them and injured four dozen. Another "accidental" action, in the words of the medium, that contributes to generate an inquina in the population that the Taliban exploit for their benefit.

Similarly, the extremist organization ended the lives of at least 20 people, and left around 90 injured , in the southern province of Zabol. A bomb truck, driven by a suicide bomber, exploded in the vicinity of a hospital in the capital, Qalat. In the images of the tragedy it could be seen that numerous minors had been affected, as well as adults who had come to the medical center to visit their relatives. Medical sheets had to be used to move dead.

The Taliban soon recognized the authorship of the attack, but justified themselves by ensuring that their goal was not the hospital, but a nearby building. "The aim of the attack was the Directorate of Security, which was completely destroyed. The explosion damaged the hospital because the enemy is parapetated in civil areas, using civilian shield civilians. The hospital was not the target," said a spokesman for the Taliban, providing an aerial photograph of the area.

An analysis by the British BBC network highlights that an average of 74 men, women and children have died in Afghanistan every day of August: this is 2,307 lives mowed in just one month. A number that goes back to the worst moments of the relentless war. Most of the dead were combatants, but one fifth were civilians. The Taliban have continued since last April with an offensive they called Conquest, with the aim of gaining control of the country.

A UN report allowed denouncing that, in the first half of 2019, government and US forces claimed more civilian lives (717) than insurgents (531). This is how an Afghanistan tired of the war, after 18 years of witnessing death , looks at a presidential election. The negotiation process with the Taliban, led by the US and in which many did not believe because of the high chances of losing rights that entailed, is in a coma.

A new Executive can be an incentive to bring negotiating positions, but the Taliban, until today, have refused to sit down with the Afghan government, considering it a "pawn of foreigners." Meanwhile, the campaign runs with high tension. The Taliban, who called for the boycott, have attempted more than once against rallies of the presidential candidates, and as election day approaches on September 28, more and worse blows are feared.

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