This is reported by Breaking Defense.

“If we go there to destroy, for example, the Kaliningrad integrated air defense system, let there be no doubt that we have a plan to attack it,” said Harrigyan.

He said that the United States is "practicing this scheme."

“We think over these plans all the time, and if ever it is necessary, we will be ready to implement them,” he added.

The general said that if Russia's "aggression" from the strategically located "Kaliningrad enclave" requires a US response, "it will be a very timely and effective skill that we use to provide the access we need in this zone."

According to the publication, Harrigyan did not disclose details of the plan.

Earlier, Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Chaputovic said that US troops on Polish territory are needed to “deter” Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that "under the pretext of the mythical" threat from the East, "American troops and heavy military equipment are being deployed in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and new elements of the command and staff structure of the alliance are appearing."