Tranås Tidning writes about Jennie Saxfeldt's decision to leave her post. She states as a reason that the loyalty to the party moderates is weakened.

- Today I feel that my loyalty is weakened and the most reasonable thing then is that I step off. I cannot agree with how the auditors' assessment of the dire situation is handled and in the way the dismissal of the municipal director went, Saxfeldt writes in an email to Tranås newspaper.

It was at the end of August that the municipal director Karin Semberg was dismissed with immediate effect. According to the municipality of Tranås, the dismissal was due to the municipality being in a financially tough situation and needing a change.

But Jennie Saxfeldt believes that it is instead politics that is ultimately responsible for the municipality's economy.

The municipality of Tranås has been criticized by auditors for the existence of a dire situation when services are purchased by the business company Tranås United. According to Tranås Tidning, the chairman of the municipal council, the moderate Anders Wilander's wife, is the owner of one of the companies from which he purchased services.