The government plans to raise fuel taxes in the coming term. Now the Moderates are proposing, among other things, a reduced tax on gasoline and diesel, as part of the party's budgetary motion.

Increased taxes, a high oil price and a record-low krona are reasons for fuel prices being raised, according to the Moderates. The party believes that it has become "too high" so that it makes it difficult for those who have no alternative to take the car to work.

- If you mean seriously that all of Sweden should live, then you must also make it possible for all those who live outside major cities to use the car, which they are also totally dependent on doing. Right now, the cost of gasoline and diesel is very high, says Elisabeth Svantesson, economics-political spokesperson for the Moderates.

Lower with a crown

It is a proposal in two parts. The Moderates want to abolish the so-called over-indexing of gasoline and diesel tax - a continuation of the freeze that the Moderates got through with the M / KD budget.

In addition, the party is proposing an active reduction in the tax on fuel, the so-called energy tax.

"Overall, the reduction corresponds to the price at the pump can be lowered by a penny per liter compared to the level that would otherwise apply for 2020," writes the Moderates in an email to SVT News.

"Strikes the hardest on the countryside"

The moderates believe that Sweden should use economic instruments to reduce its impact on nature and climate.

“Emissions should be taxed, but taxation should not mean a disproportionately large tax burden in rural areas. Sweden needs to address the climate challenge where it is greatest - instead of pushing through symbolic tax increases that hit hardest in the countryside. "