Prime Minister Mark Rutte answers the questions that were asked on Wednesday on the second day of the General Political Reflections. Follow everything in this live blog.

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  • Today Prime Minister Rutte answers the questions from the Lower House on behalf of the government.
  • Some opposition parties have asked for extra investments for the teacher shortage.
  • Attention was also paid to the impending pension discounts.

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one minute ago

VVD party leader Klaas Dijkhoff fears that "shock" will recede. "We were shocked when a 'mistreatment' was committed. Now we are shocked that a lawyer has been killed."

He argues for "unorthodox measures". Special measures must be taken for "only for these serious cases".

Rutte understands that it must be weighed again whether the measures are sufficient, but he adds: "a lot is already happening". He also wants to take away the picture that the government is only now starting to move.

one minute ago

Prime Minister Rutte is preparing for the second day of General Political Reflections in his office 'het Torentje' (ANP).

6 minutes ago

Christian Union leader Gert-Jan Segers asks how "this war" can be won. Rutte lists a number of laws and additional investments in safety. "Wednesday shows that urgency again."

Segers think it's good that these steps have been taken. He also wants to talk about the rule of law and security in a separate debate. Rutte agrees.

13 minutes ago

Prime Minister Rutte starts the debate by expressing his condolences to the relatives of the Wednesday-shot Derk Wiersum.

Wilders immediately seizes that moment to ask Rutte whether the cabinet can still handle crime. Moreover, he points to "the Moroccan poison" in the Netherlands. After all, it is likely that Wiersum was liquidated by the so-called 'mocro-mafia' because he assisted crown witnesses Nabil B. "We have a Moroccan problem," the PVV leader says.

Rutte acknowledges that action must be taken against crime, but the Prime Minister does not agree with the words of Wilders. "There is a problem with the mocro-mafia in the Netherlands, but we don't have a Moroccan problem."

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