The Director General of Fujairah Municipality, Eng. Mohammed Saif Al Afkham, has revealed that the establishments are required to install special equipment to implement the integrated management project in the future, pointing out that the project is the first of its kind in the emirate to use the best and latest technologies. For the proper and safe disposal of these wastes, keep abreast of developments, and use modern approaches in the preservation of the environment.

Al-Afkham confirmed the success of the integrated management of cooking oil and food grease waste project in dealing with 123 thousand liters of used edible oils, in addition to 116 thousand gallons of grease waste, since the actual operation of the project in 2017, pointing out that the project was launched by Fujairah Municipality in cooperation with Company «Blue Circal».

He pointed out that the project aims to follow global best practices for the collection and recycling of this type of waste, to ensure the maintenance of infrastructure and sewage networks, and to protect the environment and public health from the dangers of oil and grease, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint, in addition to its importance in the conservation of resources. Hydro and reduce energy consumption.

This came on the sidelines of the Green Practices Forum, organized by the municipality, yesterday morning, entitled «integrated management of cooking oils and grease food».

Eng. Sharifa Ali Saeed, Head of Environment Protection and Development Department in Fujairah Municipality, presented a paper during the forum on the nature and objectives of the project and achievements achieved during the past period, and future goals, while Eng. Abdullah Al Ameri, from Dubai Municipality, presented a paper on the treatment of edible oils, in addition to a presentation Presentation on how to implement the project.