by Fabrizio Patti Milano19 September 2019Open with the plus sign for Piazza Affari, the best of European stock exchanges, with a rise of half a percentage point. London recovered but just below parity, after the EU's ultimatum, with the Finnish premier Antti Rinne, to the British government, to present a written proposal on Brexit later this month.
But the markets are dealing above all with yesterday's decision by the Fed, the US central bank, to cut interest rates.
He did it in the most awaited measure, minus 25 basis points, bringing them in a fork between 1.75 and 2 percent. The president of the Fed, Jerome Powell, has kept the door open to new cuts but has ruled out any negative rates, as President Trump asks. The inevitable tweet by Trump himself: "the Fed and Powell have failed again - he wrote -. No courage, no sense, no vision. A bad communicator".
On Wall Street a cut of this magnitude was the minimum expected. At the beginning the stock market fell, only to close with the Dow Jones just above par. The recovery after the markets felt Powell's openings to future cuts.
Contrary to the Asian stock exchanges, Tokyo is positive (+ 0.49%) after the Japanese central bank, while leaving rates unchanged, has indicated that they could be reviewed in October. The Shanghai stock market rose from negative to positive (+ 0.46%), while Hong Kong's Hang Seng (-1.33%) was still in the red, at the fourth session in a negative row.
The entire banking sector is doing well in Piazza Affari, which rises by 1.24% on average. The Ftse Mib Fca ranks close, -0.68%.