Persons involved in the case against the wanted criminal Ridouan Taghi, such as lawyers, prosecutors and judges, will be extra protected. That said Fred Westerbeke, the chief public prosecutor (OM), in Nieuwsuur on Wednesday evening.

The extra security comes after the liquidation of lawyer Derk Wiersum, who assisted the key witness in the case, Nabil B. Westerbeke said that extra security was discussed on Wednesday and "that was acted upon".

Justice and Security Minister Fred Grapperhaus said on Wednesday that the National Coordinator for Terrorism and Security (NCTV) will lead a team that will focus on the protection of lawyers, among others.

This team consists of staff from the Public Prosecution Service and the police, who will strengthen the security and surveillance of lawyers with the NCTV. Exactly how the team will work is not yet known.

Wiersum was shot on Wednesday around 7.30 am in the Amsterdam neighborhood of Buitenveldert. The suspect fled on foot and was supposed to be between sixteen and twenty years old.


Who was the liquidated lawyer Derk Wiersum?

Liquidation is second in the process of crown witness

The murder of Wiersum is the second liquidation in the extensive process surrounding the statements of Nabil B. The innocent brother of the crown witness was wound up earlier in his office.

Westerbeke did indicate in Nieuwsuur that the OM wants to continue to work with crown witnesses, because according to the chief officer it is an important tool in criminal cases. The OM would need more resources to ensure that these processes run smoothly.

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