Moriyama Liberal Chairman vs. Chairman Extraordinary Parliament 4th day of the session

Regarding the extraordinary Diet session in autumn, after clarifying the prospect that the LDP Chairman Moriyama National Assembly will be convened on the 4th of next month, the focus will be on the establishment of a proposal to amend the referendum law. I showed an idea.

The Liberal Democratic Party's chairman, Mr. Moriyama, told reporters that he had heard from the government that he wanted to convene on the 4th of next month about the extraordinary session of autumn.

On the basis of the discussion on the constitutional amendment that will be the focus of the discussion, “I would like you to proceed with the deliberation of the bill submitted to the Constitutional Review Board and draw a conclusion. The idea that the voting law amendment proposal was made was shown.

On the other hand, regarding the session of the extraordinary Diet, “I want to decide how long it will take to deliberate on the bill to be submitted, but I want to decide the session, but I understand that it is not related to budget planning and can be held until the end of the year. I have to leave. "