19 September 2019M5S members tomorrow are called to vote on Rousseau on the agreement with the Democratic Party in Umbria. From 10 to 19 on Friday, announces the blog of the Stars, the members will vote on the "civic pact for Umbria, or on the possibility of supporting the Regionals with a confident civic president with the support of other political forces". A candidate, it is emphasized, "outside political affiliations".

"In the event of acceptance of this proposal, the candidate to whom the powers of the 5 Star MoVeT Code of Ethics are usually attributed to the candidate for the region must be identified," reads the post.

"Therefore - it is read - once the favorable opinion of the Guarantee Committee has been obtained, the last paragraph of Article 5 of the regulations for Umbria regions is amended as follows:" In compliance with the vote of the members of 25-26 July 2019 it remains however the faculty of the political leader to propose possible alliances, under his direct supervision. In this case, this alliance proposal will be submitted to members with an online vote on the Rousseau platform at national level. In the event that the proposal is accepted by the members and the presidential candidate does not belong to the 5 Star Movement, no vote is taken for the candidate president and all the faculties that according to the ethical code are attributed to the candidate president, are attributed to the candidate councilor who received the highest number of votes from those enrolled among those who will actually be elected regional councilors "." The vote will be active on Rousseau tomorrow, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Please note that only those registered for at least six months will be able to vote, with a certified document, as per the Statute. The regularity of the vote will be certified by a notary, and the results will be deposited with two notaries ", concludes the post.