Twenty people died on Thursday in the southern province of Zabul in Afghanistan when a truck containing one or more bombs exploded. Another 85 people were injured. Local authorities fear that the death toll will rise even further, write journalists from the Afghan news medium TOLO News on Twitter.

The attack is said to have been committed in the vicinity of some judicial buildings and a hospital. As far as is known, several buildings have collapsed due to the explosion. The head of the local police force speaks of "huge havoc".

The Taliban has claimed the attack. Several suicide and bomb attacks also took place in Afghanistan on Monday and Tuesday, killing nearly a hundred people.

Attacks put peace talks between the US and Taliban under pressure

The disturbances put considerable pressure on the peace talks between the Taliban and the United States. The American president Donald Trump no longer wants to talk to the Islamic organization before a ceasefire. Last week he called the conversations "dead".

The Taliban wants all foreign soldiers to leave the country. The terror organization now controls half of Afghanistan but does not yet communicate directly with the US-backed Afghan government.

Trump wants the Taliban to preserve security in the country and wants to see the end of the longest war in the United States. Previously he wanted to bring 5,400 American soldiers home as a sign of goodwill.


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