A 16-year-old Swedish girl complains about the need for global warming measures at the US Congress September 19th 9:27

A 16-year-old Swedish girl, Greta Toonberg, who is appealing for global warming countermeasures, attended a hearing at the US Congress and appealed for the need for global warming countermeasures.

A Swedish 16-year-old girl, Greta Toonberg, is taking a week off from school every Friday to appeal to global warming, affecting the younger generation through social media, and the movement is spreading around the world.

Mr. Greta attended a hearing of the House of Representatives in Washington DC on the 18th.

In this, Mr. Greta touched a report on global warming compiled by the UN organization last year. “I will submit this report as my testimony. Listen to the voices of scientists, not my words. I want everyone to unite and act under science, ”he said, and appealed for the need for global warming countermeasures.

Prior to this, Mr. Greta met with President Obama on the 16th and asked Mr. Obama, “You are changing the world,” Greta said, “All the young people are eager. But it can affect the world and bring about change. "

Greta is scheduled to give a speech at the United Nations Summit on Climate Change on the 23rd of this month.