Cloud fields and sunny periods alternate this Wednesday. In large parts of the country it stays dry, only the north has to take a single shower into account. It will be a maximum of 17 degrees.

The day starts with fairly cool temperatures between 4 and 10 degrees. In addition, it is virtually windless, only in the Wadden area there is a fairly strong wind.

As the day progresses, thick cloud fields move across the country. In between the sun shines briefly. Only in the south there is more room for the nice weather later in the day.

It stays dry in large parts of the country, only a few showers can fall in the north. In the night to Thursday, most of the clouds seem to move away. However, the weather will be largely the same that day.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Thursday 18 ° 8 ° NW 2
Friday 18 ° 10 ° O 2
Saturday 23 ° 8 ° O 4
Sunday 25 ° 12 ° ZO 4
Monday 22 ° 14 ° SW 3