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Felix Tshisekedi's state visit to Belgium continued on Tuesday 17 September. But the reception of the Congolese president by the Brussels authorities is not to everyone's taste, both in the diaspora and in the country.

The two countries have signed some symbolic texts for the resumption of cooperation before the head of state of DRC is received by the King of the Belgians. But this very busy visit did not only make people happy.

Dozens of Congolese tried to protest before being repulsed by the Belgian police, far from any official site. They blame Belgium for receiving President Felix Tshisekedi while his election was contested.

We are here to express our disapproval of the welcome given to Mr. Tshisekedi here in Belgium. The Congolese you see here do not recognize themselves in Mr. Tshisekedi's presidency. For us, he endorsed the election hold-up in the Congo.

Congolese express dissatisfaction in Brussels

17-09-2019 - By Sonia Rolley

In the DRC, too, the opposition is expressing dissatisfaction. For Martin Fayulu, the unfortunate candidate in the presidential election who continues to contest the results, Belgium receives a man without political legitimacy.

After the statements made by the Belgian politicians, I think it is a lack of respect for the Congolese people. Someone who represents this denial of democracy, we receive it? (...) Mr. Félix Tshisekedi will not be able to do anything of himself because he does not have the means of his policy. Kabila is there, waiting and he's running everything.

Martin Fayulu

17-09-2019 - By Coralie Pierret

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