Departure to Saudi US Secretary of State to discuss countermeasures against Iran September 18th 11:45

After the attack on Saudi oil facilities, US Secretary of State Pompeio left Washington for Saudi Arabia. Both countries will discuss countermeasures against Iran pointing out the possibility of being involved in the attack.

Saudi Arabia and the United States suggest Iran's involvement, but Iran denies that major oil-related facilities in Abu Kaiku, eastern Saudi Arabia, were attacked.

Under these circumstances, US Secretary of State Pompeio headed to Saudi Arabia on a dedicated aircraft from an airbase near Washington to discuss future responses.

According to the State Department, in Saudi Arabia, in addition to meeting with Prince Muhammad, UAE will also visit the United Arab Emirates.

On the 17th, President Trump was asked again by the reporters on the presidential plane on his way to California about the possibility of meeting with Iranian President Rouhani in line with the United Nations General Assembly. But it ’s better not to meet, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's Abdul Aziz Energy Minister met for the first time after the attack on the 17th, and as a result of proceeding with restoration work on the damaged oil-related facilities, the supply of crude oil in Saudi Arabia returned to the level before the attack Was revealed. On top of that, the facility was restored during the month, and the production capacity was almost recovered.