A two-hour study visit awaits the close to 20 participants in the unique study circle that has just started in Västervik.

- I look forward to the visit to the courthouse, says Eva Gustavsson.

She is one of the participants in the new study circle that deals with questions about death. Most of the participants are women.

- It may be that women dare to talk a little more, says Bengt-Åke Nyström, who initiated the study circle.

- My idea behind this course is to dramatize death. It's not terribly serious. You should have respect for death, but be able to talk about it, he says.

Some resistance

Three hits are scheduled and when the study circle became known, it quickly became fully subscribed, although initially it met with some resistance.

- People said, no, I don't want to talk about that, says Bengt-Åke Nyström.

Jan-Peter Brinkby is a funeral contractor and invited to the group for the day.

- This is a very unique study circle I would say. I don't know of any similar study circle. And the group members are very open and talk about everything, he says.

"It has been about living well and dying well and about family law and much more," he says.

Eva Gustavsson, course participant. Photo: SVT

For Eva Gustavsson, the first day's course opportunity meant that she began to consider the idea of ​​having her body cremated, when she is gone.

- I haven't decided yet, but I've learned more. It might not be so stupid that the worms should not crawl into me, as one of the course participants put it. But I haven't decided yet, she says.

Have the course participants talk about the course

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