According to the government in Riyadh, behind the attacks on the oil installations in Saudi Arabia, Iran is "undoubtedly". The spokesman for the Saudi Department of Defense revealed pieces of debris he reportedly came from the attack site. These are Iranian drones of the type Delta Wing and Ja Ali cruise missiles.

In the attack on the oil refinery in Abkaik a total of 18 drones were used in the attack on the oil plants in Churais a total of seven cruise missiles. Investigations had shown that the rockets were not fired from Yemen, but came from the north. The exact launch site was still unclear. The attacks had claimed for themselves Houthi rebels in Yemen. This should only disguise the participation of Iran, said the Saudi Ministry spokesman.

The US has also held Iran responsible for attacks on the oil rigs that led to a slump in Saudi oil production over the weekend. The government in Tehran rejects the allegations.

Trump announces new sanctions

In an official letter to the US government, Iran denied any involvement. President Hassan Ruhani described the attacks as a "warning" of the Houthi rebels to the Riyadh government. The Houthis are supported in the Yemeni civil war by Iran in their fight against a military coalition led by Riyadh.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to hold consultations with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Jeddah. US President Donald Trump announced a tightening of economic sanctions against Iran. He had instructed his Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin to put in place appropriate measures, he said.