Environmental protection group appealed to cancel UK fashion festival September 18th 17:15

In the UK, where the fashion festival “London Fashion Week” was held, environmental protection groups that appealed to the crisis of climate change said that overproduction and disposal of the fashion industry are a major cause of environmental destruction. Called to stop the festival.

London Fashion Week is a fashion festival held in London, England. On the 17th of the final day, a British environmental protection group performed a performance to appeal to the fashion industry.

About 200 participants wearing red and black clothes carry a bonito that says “our future”, and a plastic that says “sleep peacefully” with the initials of London Fashion Week. I walked around the city with a card and changed the system to announce new clothes every season, and called on to stop this festival next year.

According to a study by the British Parliament, 1 million tonnes of clothing is discarded annually in the UK, and overproduction and disposal of clothing manufacturers are causing global warming and environmental pollution.

A female activist who participated said, “We are facing an emergency because of climate change. This performance is going to regret the earth, nature, animals and people who suffer from climate change.” It was.