India's 100 million adult smokers are banned from selling and importing electronic cigarettes on September 19 at 5:52

Following the US government's policy to ban the sale of scented e-cigarettes this month, the sale and import of e-cigarettes will be banned in India, the second most smoker in the world. It was.

The Indian government announced on the 18th that the Cabinet decided on the prohibition on the sale, import and production of electronic cigarettes. I am fine.

India has the second largest number of smokers after China, with approximately 100 million adult smokers, and nearly 1 million people die each year due to illness caused by tobacco.

India's finance minister Sitaraman said it was “to prevent youth health damage” and took precautionary measures before the electronic cigarette market expanded.

The local media said that most cigarettes were manufactured in India, and that agricultural groups had appealed to the Indian government for prohibition of electronic cigarettes, saying that the distribution of overseas electronic cigarettes would have a major impact on domestic tobacco farmers. I tell you.

Regarding e-cigarettes, the government has announced a policy to ban the sale of scented e-cigarettes this month because there are a number of reports of respiratory diseases suspected to be related to e-cigarettes in the United States .