Chiba's blackout Communist Shiki Chairman Criticized the response of TEPCO and the government September 18 18:59

Regarding the fact that power failure continues in Chiba Prefecture due to the impact of Typhoon No. 15, the Communist Party chairman said that the initial action was delayed due to the lack of recovery prospects originally announced by TEPCO at a press conference. They criticized the response between power and the government.

In this, Chairman Shiki stated that TEPCO's initial outlook for power outage recovery was “An optimistic announcement that had no grounds delayed the overall response. TEPCO and the government responsible for oversight were responsible.” I criticized.

After that, “The situation of housing damage has finally been understood, but if the government was examining it from the sky at the initial stage, it would have been immediately known how big it was. I want you to prevent it and prevent any more casualties. "

On the other hand, Mr. Shidai revealed that he had applied to the Minister of Disaster Prevention for Takeda as a party to quickly eliminate the power outage and make every effort to support damaged industries and housing.