House of Representatives Constitution Review Board Visit to 4 countries such as Germany Survey of the status of the constitution September 19, 4:20

The Constitutional Examination Committee of the House of Representatives will visit four countries including Germany from 19th to discuss the process of consensus building and the referendum system.

The House of Representatives' Constitution Review Board will investigate the status of the constitutional revisions made overseas, and former members of the law, including the former Minister of Justice Mori and former members of the ruling and opposition parties, will be held from 19th to 29th in Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia. Visit

Among them, the “Basic Law”, which is the constitutional law, has been revised 63 times so far, including spring. In Germany, we will hear from experts about the deliberation in Congress and the process of consensus building.

In Ukraine, we are going to hear from lawmakers about the operational status of the “Emergency Declaration”, which is regulated by the President as the authority of the President.

In addition, Lithuania and Estonia are planning to investigate the referendum system, etc., and the Constitutional Examination Committee wants to grasp the actual situation overseas and use it for future discussions.