• Malta takes the 90 migrants on Italian patrol boats
  • The Ocean Viking rescues another 61 migrants, a total of 109 on board
  • Coast Guard saves 90 migrants, Malta denies transshipment
  • Migrants, Greece: with 26 thousand presences reached peak since 2016
  • Hungary against Italy: "The decision to open ports to migrants is unseemly and dangerous"
  • Migrants, torture and torture in refugee camps in Libya: three arrested


18 September 2019The boat with 108 migrants that had been sighted in the morning not far from the coast arrived at the port in Lampedusa. The reception system was activated on the island. People will be taken to the island's hotspot, the Imbricola district.

Sap: "570 landed in two weeks, police on tilt"
"Continuous landings. In the first weeks of this month, 570 people have landed in Lampedusa and the security system is already on tilt. The staff is not enough to handle the situation". Stefano Paoloni, general secretary of the autonomous police union (Sap) says so. "Currently on the island we have 4 teams of 10 men, including police, carabinieri and financial police, employed in shifts in fourth. In reality, the teams should be five. Often - explains Paoloni - one of the teams is employed for the accompaniments, leaving inevitably one of the quadrants in the 24-hour shift.This forces the remaining three teams to make double shifts, sometimes even consecutively, starting the regular shift at 7.00 pm and then, between travel and other, home exhausted, at 9 pm of the following day. It is inadmissible to work in these conditions, with few staff, two less teams and with exhausting shifts ".

OECD: Italy asylum applications halved in 2018
The number of people who filed a request for asylum in Italy in 2018 "fell by 57.8%, to stabilize at around 53,400 people": this is what the OECD states in the consecrated card to Italy of Outlook Migration. "The majority of asylum seekers - the OECD specifies - come from Pakistan (7,400), Nigeria (5,100) and Bangladesh (4,200)". The strongest increase since 2017 "regards the citizens of El Salvador (+900) and the most pronounced decline of the citizens of Nigeria (-19 400). On the 95,000 decisions of 2018, 32.2% were positive".

Ocean Viking refuses landing in Libya: "it is not safe"
The Ocean Viking, ship of Sos Mediterranee and Medici sena frontiere, which yesterday rescued 109 migrants in two interventions, asked for a 'place of safety', a safe haven to disembark. The Libyan authorities who assigned the port of Homs responded. But Libya, the NGOs explain, "as constantly established by the UNHCR, is not a safe haven. Ocean Viking therefore asks for an alternative".

Shipwreck in Tunisia off the coast of Djerba
Another shipwreck today in Tunisian waters of a boat with 10 migrants on board occurred off the island of Djerba. This was announced by the spokesman of the National Guard Houssemeddine Jebabli, stating that six people were rescued, while navy units are looking for the other 4 missing. Meanwhile, for the second consecutive day, the search for any missing shipwreck occurred yesterday off the coast of Sfax, Jebabli said. The fishing boat was carrying at least 16 Tunisian migrants when it collapsed due to hitting a floating buoy. 9 people rescued, two bodies recovered so far.