CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian actor and contractor Mohamed Ali called on President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to step down on Thursday or face demonstrations that Egyptians called for on Friday at 7 pm, calling on army and police officers to join the Egyptian people.

Mohamed Ali, who has worked as a contractor with the Egyptian army for several years, also asked Sisi to release all political and Garmin detainees, as well as army and police officers detained for their opposition to Sisi, in his latest video broadcast on Tuesday evening.

In response to Mohamed Ali's call, social networking sites witnessed widespread controversy about his call for Sisi to step down or to demonstrate, where activists launched a tag called (# Departure_Yasisi_O_Insol_Street).

The tag came first on the continuation of the anti-Sisi tags, which topped the networking sites during the past few days, the most prominent of which is the tag (# enough_bak_isisi), which exceeded one million participants before it was deleted.

Step down or go down

"If Sisi does not go out and announce his resignation on Thursday, the Egyptian people will come down to the squares next Friday," Ali said. "This day will be my last day, and what I am saying will be implemented, Sisi."

Mohamed Ali called on the Egyptians to take to the streets in peaceful celebrations and kiss each other. People. "

"Your subject is over with us. Next Friday is your last date with the people. On Friday, the people of Egypt, we will play with Sisi a game," he told Sisi.

He also addressed the army and the police, calling for cleansing the security services from corruption. "I ask the police, the army and the officers who have assured me that they are with the people, cleanse of corruption." Army, police, judiciary, you are behind the people and not before them, and the word that respects is the word of the people.

Sisi feels weak
In what appears to be a message of reassurance, Mohamed Ali stressed that "only Sisi will be held accountable, and we will not hold others accountable; we are not in a battle to settle scores with anyone."

He added that "Sisi will rhythm between the demonstrators and the Interior Ministry first and then the army, because it feels weak," calling on the security services and demonstrators not to friction; "O army officers and police, and judges, and people, we are all brothers, do not fight each other, and do not want To be one blood point. "

In a remarkable development, Mohammed Ali addressed a letter to Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, stressing the need for the islands of Tiran and Sanafir to return to Egypt. This is our land and no one will take it from us.

Controversial networking sites

Continuing the support of social media pioneers of Mohammed Ali's videos since its inception two weeks ago; his call witnessed a large interaction on the sites of communication, and thousands participated in the tag that calls for Sisi to step down or disembark in the demonstrations on Friday, but some activists warned of the seriousness of the call on the lives of protesters, in The so-called security grip remained tyrannical.

Whatever increases the oppression of the warden .. Before my voice be coward
# Departure

- Adi Hatim (@adei__) September 18, 2019

# Departure I am Saber to reduce the shortest

- Karam Msr (@karam_msr) September 18, 2019

#Israel_asisi_aw_nzol_l_streetthkrohm Kwees Higo after they say that we were with the revolution

- zoz (@AmEgyptianzedan) September 18, 2019

You have been fighting the political public sphere since 2013
The people who keep silent and say hate will stay better.
Expected of them, I want them to tell you what is # leave_asisi_aw_nzol_street

- January 25, 2011 Revolution (@ sawra11) September 18, 2019

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- An Mahmoud (@ AnMahmoud5) September 18, 2019

We will return the Nile
We will return Tiran and Sanafir
We will return the money of the people stolen by the criminal Jaen and his gang
We will return the dignity of the Egyptian, who wasted and set foot on the traitors' soles
We will return every inch of the soil of the homeland. We will judge you all traitors in all fields of Egypt. Prove God have mercy on you.

- Maka💜👑 (@ y0fy95RV1Gjs9Xc) September 18, 2019

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I am not sure that the people da Haeamlha Ashanzl Mesh Hesmo it are two factors calculating the moment of time and not Hsbona down easy Sahda will keep in a lot of losses and people are scared I want some extent is high

- Ahmed Sabry (@ A7medSabryy) September 17, 2019

The strange day, all what I say until the demonstrations and the descent on Friday Htnzl be the majority response and a large percentage if people descended Hannzl but in our province, but one Cammazel not convinced that the descent is useful and that the world is sweet Keda and discussion one said we are happy Keda and the wheel of cattle still Hnjib one Sharif impoverished

- High-level Twitter source (@ valanteno41) September 16, 2019

Mtsmesh words no one says you go down demonstrating in the street only if he was coming down in front of you.
The revolution is not just demonstrations and no slogans.
Change is the goal of the revolution. Change takes place in many ways, one of which is demonstrations

- Salameh Abdul Hamid (@salamah) September 17, 2019